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We are an all-Deaf team that has produced over thirty original ASL rhyme and rhythm with supplementary activity worksheets and lesson plans to promote language play. Our resources are designed for young signing learners in early childhood education and elementary. We will keep on adding new resources at no additional cost to you!

If you love what you see in the preview, contact us for a yearly subscription to access the rest of the resources. 

Hands Land's resource center will be open to schools starting in August, 2021.

Email us at contact@handsland.com!

A message from one of the co-founders, Jonaz!

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Colorful Animals

    Preview: A Hands Land song, worksheet, and lesson plan are available to download for free.


    “...at three months old, he is already fascinated with the videos - analyzing all of the possible movements, and we love the ASL rhythms!”

    -A parent

    "As a hearing parent my ASL skills aren’t strong enough to come up with these kind of rhymes myself. It’s helping my son’s language development and I like the repetition and practice. It’s so very clearly signed and my son loves it.”

    -A parent

    “I’ve been using it with a young elementary child (with delayed language) and it’s been amazing to see this student come out of their shell and copy what is being said! Great for so many skills!”

    -A teacher

    “This builds language and phonemic awareness in ASL. This is a critical piece of language development that many Deaf/Hard of Hearing children miss.”

    -A teacher

    “It can be difficult or time-consuming to try and find a way to incorporate ASL rhythm and rhyme into a classroom and finally a resource that is fun for kids! This is parallel to nursery rhymes and silly songs in English which help language acquisition and encourage children to play with language.”

    -A teacher

    All you need to know about ASL rhyme and rhythm!

    What does the research say?

    Meet the Deaf signers!

    Kriston Lee Pumphery, Jonathan McMillan, April Jackson, Jesse Jones III, Leala Holcomb, Amanda Sortwell Crane, Shira Grabelsky, and Jenny Gough
    (Cameraperson: MJ Kielbus)

    Meet the Deaf artists!

    Jena Floyd, Stephanie Steinlein-Balding, and Carlisle Robinson.

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